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Office Closed to Public; Staff Available Remotely; Important Updates for Applicants

The Minnesota Judicial Branch continues to carefully monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and to coordinate closely with statewide partners including the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB). In response to the March 20, 2020 Court Order, the office of the Board of Law Examiners is closed to the public and is not available for visits from applicants or others, even to drop off applications. We encourage applicants for the February 2021 bar examination and admission on motion to submit your applications by U.S. Mail.

Board staff is still working and anticipates COVID-19 having only a minimal impact on the processing of applications.

We encourage you to contact us by email (ble@mbcle.state.mn.us) or your applicant portal if you have additional questions. Calls to the office may go to voicemail and your message will be returned as quickly as possible. Many of the commonly asked questions may be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or the Resources section.

July 2020 Applicants (updated 5/20/20):

  • The Board has posted additional information to Applicant portals advising all July 2020 applicants of their choices related to the summer exam.
  • Additional information related to the Board’s decision may be found here.
  • Find frequently asked questions relating to the summer examination here.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the July 2020 and September 2020 UBE is still uncertain. The Board will provide as much notice as possible if there are any changes.
  • The deadline for this summer’s examination has passed. The Board has added the September examination to accommodate additional seating requirements for the July examination. Due to seating limitations, Minnesota will not be able to accommodate additional applications or courtesy seating on either date. The timely application deadline for the February 2021 examination is October 15, 2020, and the late filing deadline is December 1, 2020. Additional information is available in the Rules and under the Application section of the website.
  • On Monday, April 20, 2020, the Minnesota Board of Law Examiner filed a Petition with the Court seeking rule amendments to the Student Practice Rules that will permit recent graduates to practice under a supervising attorney. Additional information on the proposed changes may be found here. The Board is proposing that the Court adopt these changes as a pilot with a report due July 1, 2021. The Court has issued an Order inviting public comment on this issue. The deadline for comment is May 22, 2020. The current Student Practice Rules are available here.

The Board recognizes the significant impact of COVID-19. Seeking assistance as needed is a healthy response to stress and does not need to be disclosed in your bar application unless there is related conduct that you are required to disclose or it negatively impacts your current ability to meet the essential eligibility requirements. The Board encourages applicants to contact Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers for additional resources. Information provided to LCL is completely confidential and is not shared with the Board.