Step 2: Fill Out Application

1. Fill out the application (Must be typed – handwritten applications are not accepted). Save a copy to your computer before filling it out. If you fill it out while it’s open within your internet browser, you may lose information if you accidentally navigate away from the application.

2. Print the application

3. Complete Section 13.00 by providing a handwriting sample (regardless of whether you are sitting for the exam or applying by motion, all applicants must provide a handwriting sample)

4. Complete, sign, and have notarized the following:

a. Page 18 (Applicant’s Obligation)

b. Page 19 (Authorization and Release of Information and Records)

5. Put your printed registration page on top of your application (the registration page counts as Page 1)

Proceed to Step 3 – Fill out any required supplemental forms or submit other required documents.

If you have questions about filling out your application, visit our Application FAQ section.

Some documents require a PDF reader to view properly.