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1. Where can I find the Rules for Admission?
The Minnesota Rules for Admission to the Bar are published on the Board’s website.
2. Which Rule describes the general requirements for admission?
See Rule 4 – General Requirements for Admission
3. Is there a rule that describes the character and fitness standards for admission that an applicant must demonstrate to be eligible for admission in Minnesota?
Yes. Rule 5A provides the essential eligibility requirements for the practice of law, and Rule 5B provides additional information on the character and fitness standards and investigation. See Rule 5 – Standards for Admission.
4. I have a past record of illegal conduct. How do I show rehabilitation?
Rule 5B(5) outlines the criteria for rehabilitation.
5. Where in the Rules do I find out about the Bar Exam?
See Rule 6 – Admission by Examination.
6. Where do I find out about being admitted on motion in Minnesota?
See Rule 7 – Admission without Examination
Rule 7A – Eligibility based on years of practice
Rule 7B – Eligibility based on MBE Score
Rule 7C – Eligibility based on UBE Score
7. Does Minnesota have a temporary license for lawyers working for legal services programs?
Yes – see Rule 8 – Admission by Temporary License for Legal Services programs.
8. Am I required to be licensed if I am admitted in another jurisdiction and am working as in-house counsel in Minnesota?
Minnesota requires licensure (as opposed to registration) of in-house lawyers. Rule 9 provides additional information on temporary admission of in-house lawyers. Licensure as House Counsel is described in Rule 10.
9. What is a Foreign Legal Consultant?
A foreign legal consultant is a person who is admitted to practice in a foreign country as a lawyer or counselor at law, and has obtained a license from the state of Minnesota to render services as a foreign legal consultant in this state. A foreign legal consultant cannot provide any services constituting the practice of law of the United States, Minnesota, or any U.S. Jurisdiction. The foreign legal consultant may only provide services related to the jurisdiction in which the foreign legal consultant is admitted. See Rule 11 of the Rules for Admission to the Bar. A foreign legal consultant employed solely for a single corporation, association, business, or governmental activity may provide additional services exclusively for the employer. See Rule 11A(2) for additional information.
10. If the Board issues an Adverse Determination, how can I appeal the decision?
See Rule 15 of the Rules for Admission to the Bar for the procedures to appeal an Adverse Determination.
11. Where can I find the list of fees for admission?
12. I failed the exam. Can I appeal?
A failing score is a final determination of the Board and does not afford the appeal rights set forth in Rule 15. (See Rule 6I.) See Rule 17 for appeal to the Supreme Court.


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