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1. Where can I find the Rules for Admission?
2. Which Rule describes the general requirements for admission?
3. Is there a rule that describes the character and fitness standards for admission that an applicant must demonstrate to be eligible for admission in Minnesota?
4. I have a past record of illegal conduct. How do I show rehabilitation?
5. Where in the Rules do I find out about the Bar Exam?
6. Where do I find out about being admitted on motion in Minnesota?
7. Does Minnesota have a temporary license for lawyers working for legal services programs?
8. Am I required to be licensed if I am admitted in another jurisdiction and am working as in-house counsel in Minnesota?
9. What is a Foreign Legal Consultant?
10. If the Board issues an Adverse Determination, how can I appeal the decision?
11. Where can I find the list of fees for admission?
12. I failed the exam. Can I appeal?


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