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General Questions

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1. How can I get a replacement wall certificate?
2. Can I get a copy of my application and the application attachments that I sent in?
3. How do I report an address or name change after I'm admitted?
4. What is the Minnesota State Bar Association?
5. How do I request a Certificate of Good Standing?
6. Can I find out if someone (other than myself) passed the bar exam?
7. Once admitted to the Minnesota bar, what are the requirements to stay in good standing?
8. How do I get admitted in the Federal Court?
9. How many lawyers are in Minnesota?
10. How can I find out information about a lawyer?
11. How do I file a complaint against a lawyer?
12. What MPRE score is required by Minnesota?
13. If I was admitted in another jurisdiction without taking the MPRE, can I be admitted in Minnesota without taking the MPRE?
14. Does the MPRE expire?
15. Who do I make my check out to?

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