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1. How much does it cost to file the Bar application?
See Rule 12 for a schedule of fees or view this chart. For bar exam applicants who wish to use a laptop for the exam, there is an additional $100 laptop fee.
2. Does the Board office accept personal checks?
3. Who do I make my check out to?
Minnesota Board of Law Examiners.
4. Does the Board office accept credit cards?
5. I filed a Bar Application to take the exam (Rule 6). Can I transfer my application to apply for admission on motion by years of practice (Rule 7A), MBE (Rule 7B), or UBE (Rule 7C)? Can I transfer that fee to the new motion application?
Yes, but you need to pay the difference between the fee for the exam and the higher fee for admission on motion, if applicable. If you paid a higher fee to sit for the exam, you do not receive a refund if you transfer to Rule 7.
6. What happens if I fail the exam? Do I have to pay the full price if I take the exam again?
The cost for a repeat examinee is $600. Repeat examinees can file by the late filing deadline without paying the late fee. See Rules for Admission to the Bar Rule 12E, Rule 6A and 4I for additional details.
7. I have already taken and passed the Minnesota bar exam. Can I sit for the Minnesota exam again so I'll have a UBE score to transfer to another state?
A Minnesota lawyer can apply for and take the Minnesota bar exam again if your purpose is to obtain a transferable UBE score. You must complete the registration process and complete and send in the Minnesota Bar application. Include a photo on the signed photo ID card and $600 fee. You do not need to send a new Certificate of Graduation from your law school or an MPRE score.


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