Fees and Payments

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1. How much does it cost to file the Bar application?
See Rule 12 for a schedule of fees or view this chart. For bar exam applicants who wish to use a laptop for the exam, the chart includes information about the additional laptop fee.
2. What forms of payment does the Board accept for application fees?
Payment for applications submitted through the Online Bar Application will be made through U.S. Bank’s secure payment site as part of the application process.  Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and ACH payments may be used for payment.
3. Can I pay by credit card when requesting a copy of a previously submitted application?
No.  At this time, the Board only accepts credit card payment for payment of Online Bar Application fees.  Checks should be made payable to the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners.
4. Can I pay with cash?
Applications submitted through the Online Bar Application require electronic payment via U.S. Bank’s secure payment site.
5. How are payments processed through the Online Bar Application?
When you proceed to submit your application, you will be redirected to U.S. Bank’s secure payment site.  This is the payment processing system used by Minnesota state agencies for electronic payments.  Credit card and banking information is not stored by the Board.
6. What forms of payment are accepted through the Online Bar Application?
U.S. Bank’s secure payment site allows applicants to pay by credit card or electronic check (ACH). Credit cards accepted include Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express.
7. What happens if I fail the exam? Do I have to pay the full price if I take the exam again?
The cost for a repeat examinee is $600, plus the $100 laptop fee, if applicable. Repeat examinees can file by the late filing deadline without paying the late fee. See Rules 12E, 6A and 4I for additional details.
8. If I am an exam applicant and withdraw my application, will I receive any refund?
Rule 12I provides that an applicant who submits a written request to withdraw a bar examination application 15 or more days before the examination for which the applicant applied shall receive a refund of $150 if the applicant initially paid a fee of $600, and a refund of $300 if the applicant initially paid a fee of $1,050.  Rule 12I(3) states that no other requests for refund will be granted.
9. If I am an exam applicant but now cannot take the exam, can I transfer my fee to the next exam?
Rule 12J(2) states that an applicant who notifies the Board prior to the examination that the applicant is unable to take the examination due to a medical emergency, death in the family, or similar exceptional circumstances may request carry-over of the application fee to the next examination. The rule requires that the carry-over request be made in writing, be received in the Board office no later than 14 days following the examination, and be accompanied by written documentation of the emergency.  If the request is granted, the applicant must complete and timely submit a new application for the next exam and pay a fee of $50 with that application.  Applicants will need to follow instructions provided in the carry-over letter prior to submitting their carry-over application.


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