180 East 5th Street, Suite 950
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

Phone: (651) 297-1857 | Fax: (651) 297-1196
Email: ble@mbcle.state.mn.us


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1. Where is the bar exam held?
2. What can I bring into the exam?
3. Are there metal detectors or other security measures at the exam site?
4. Can I bring my medications?
5. Can I bring bottled water?
6. I have a medical condition which requires me to consume water and snacks throughout the day. Will I be allowed to do so?
7. What is the timing of the bar exam?
8. When is the lunch break?
9. Is there a time when I cannot leave the exam room?
10. If I can't bring items into the exam room, where do I leave them?
11. Can I have a cell phone in my pocket if it is turned off?
12. Are there restrooms and water fountains available during the exam?
13. What are the test tables and chairs like?
14. Is scratch paper allowed during any part of the bar exam?
15. Are the laptop examinees and those hand writing the exam in the same room?
16. Do I need any of the passwords that I received when I downloaded the laptop software?
17. What if my laptop stops working during the test?
18. I lost my driver’s license and only have the paper receipt issued by the Department of Transportation? What do I do for registration?
19. What if the address on my admission ticket no longer matches my driver’s license?
20. Is there a dress code for the bar exam?
21. I have already taken and passed the Minnesota bar exam. Can I sit for the Minnesota exam again so I'll have a UBE score to transfer to another state?

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