Completing a Paper Application

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1. Who is permitted to submit their bar application on paper?
Motion applicants who had already begun completing the paper version of the bar application prior to the Online Bar Application’s launch will be permitted to submit a paper application until October 1, 2022.  Applicants requiring ADA accommodations to complete the application should contact the Board office.
2. What is required to submit a paper application?
Each applicant must complete the Board’s online Registration Form and Application for Admission to the Bar, obtain two affidavits attesting to the applicant’s good character and fitness to practice law, provide a certified driving record and a law school transcript, attach a current credit report, and execute an authorization and release consenting to investigation by the Board. A fee in the amount prescribed by the Rules must be included along with the application. An applicant must complete any required supplemental forms and attach requested documentation. Incomplete applications may be rejected and will otherwise delay the application process.

For additional information, please see the Board’s How to Apply page and its FAQs regarding Eligibility and General Requirements, Application Submissions, and Character and Fitness.

3. How do I begin the application process?
You must register for the Applicant Portal before applying.  Go to the Applicant Portal link at and click on “Register” under New Registration. Complete the “Application Sign Up” form and follow the instructions. You must print out the Registration Form and send this in with your application, fee, and other documents.  See the Board’s How to Apply page for additional details.
4. Do I need to send my Registration Form to the Board office?
Yes. You must print out and send your completed Registration Form, which has a bar code on the upper right corner of the page, to the Board office along with your completed application, your application fee, and any other documents required by the application. The Board cannot accept your application without the Registration Form. If you do not submit it, your application will be returned to you.
5. What if I type my name differently on the Registration Form from how I typed it on the Application Form?
The name you use on both the Registration Form and the Application Form should be your full legal name. Please make sure that you type your name the EXACT same way on both forms. If you typed it differently on one of the forms, advise the Board office and indicate which is accurate.
6. What if I notice that I've made a mistake on the Registration Form but I have already finalized the form and printed it to submit with my application?
Once you have exited the Registration Form, you cannot make any changes. If you want to make a change to the form that you have already completed, you must complete a new Registration Form by going to and going to the “New Registration.” You will need a new user name and password when you register again.

If you have already mailed the Registration Form and application to the Board office, then you must send a letter to the Board office or wait until your Applicant Portal is activated and upload a letter with the changes.

7. If I register more than once, may I use the same user name and password?
You can only use a user name one time. You can, however, use the same password multiple times.
8. Does my application need to be typed?
Yes. If you hand write your application, it will be returned to you.
9. Do externships or clinics need to go on the Employment section of the application?
Yes, you should list any sort of work (paid or unpaid) in the employment section of the application.
10. What if I don’t remember my exact dates of employment for a job?
Estimate as best you can. The month and year is enough.
11. What if my old supervisor isn’t there anymore? Or if the office no longer exists or I don’t remember the address?
Include as much information as you can, and note if you are unable to give complete details and the reason. Please do your best to locate the address, including the zip code, as this will prevent delays in the application process.
12. What if I need more space for my employment history?
Use the Other Employment form. Be sure to include additional forms with your application and write your name on each page.
13. What if I was unemployed?
In Section 7.00, you should list the dates of unemployment, check the Status box “Unemployed” and enter the reason for the unemployment in the appropriate text box. For example, “Did not work while full-time student” or “Studying for Bar Examination.”
14. What if I don’t remember my exact dates of residence?
Estimate as best you can. The month and year is enough.
15. What if I need more space for my residence history?
You can use the Other Residence History form. Be sure to include additional forms with your application and write your name on each page.
16. Do I need to list a temporary address (for example, stayed with friends for a few months)?
17. How should I write residence history if I lived at home each summer between school years?
You may list your home address once and note the entire time frame. For example, 2005-2014. Then list your school address and the dates of residency. You do not need to list the home address multiple times unless you moved out for more than the school year.
18. I know I had speeding tickets (or other non-criminal moving violations), but I cannot find any records of them. Do I need to disclose them?
Yes, you must disclose them. If you cannot find some records, fill out a General Information Form and put as much information as you know about the incidents (estimated date, details of incident, disposition, etc.).
19. If my records were expunged, do I still need to put those on my application?
Yes. You must disclose the incident(s) and attach the expunged records, if available. Please note that many jurisdictions seal rather than destroy expunged records, and the subject of a sealed record is often permitted access to it–the record is simply non-public. If you no longer have copies of the records and cannot obtain them, please provide documentary evidence (e.g. copy of expungement order or policy) or request a letter from the court confirming their unavailability. If no records, documents, or confirmation can be provided, please include the efforts you made to obtain them and the individual(s) with whom you have communicated in doing so.
20. I received a continuance for dismissal. My lawyer told me that I would never need to disclose the charges and that the matter would be like it never existed. Do I need to disclose?
Yes. You must disclose if you were arrested, cited, or charged. You must disclose even if the charges were dismissed, or if you received a continuance for dismissal and the charges went away after a year. You must disclose all and attach relevant records.


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