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Character and Fitness

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1. What is required to submit an application?
2. Who will be recommended for admission to the Bar?
3. What is meant by meeting the good character and fitness standards?
4. What are the essential eligibility requirements for the practice of law?
5. How important is candor in the application process?
6. What questions are asked on the application?
7. What is the most common reason for denial of a bar application?
8. Will any incident in my past automatically disqualify me from admission to the bar?
9. What kinds of conduct might show that an applicant is deficient in the necessary qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, or reliability?
10. How does the Board conduct further inquiry?
11. How does the Board determine the appropriate weight and significance to give prior conduct?
12. What can an applicant do if the applicant believes his or her record may cause further inquiry?
13. Why is evidence of rehabilitation so important?
14. If an applicant has a history of chemical dependency or abuse, how will that impact the character and fitness investigation?
15. If an applicant receives alcohol or drug treatment during law school, will this lead to a delay in admission?
16. Why are mental or emotional conditions relevant to a bar application?
17. Once the applicant discloses confidential medical, psychological, or chemical dependency treatment records to the Board, will the Board keep those records confidential?
18. Why does the Board inquire about misdemeanor or felony arrests not resulting in convictions?
19. Why are financial problems, such as past due debts, relevant to admission?
20. Does the Board interview all applicants to the bar; what prompts the Board to request an interview?
21. When does the Board recommend conditional admission?
22. What are the conditions required for conditional admission?
23. Is a lawyer's conditional admission public information?
24. What happens if conditions are violated?
25. How long is the conditional admission period and what happens when it is successfully completed?
26. If my application is denied, do I have the right to an appeal?
27. If my application is denied, can I reapply?
28. What does it mean when the Board offers to postpone determination on an applicant’s file?
29. What should I do if I have questions about my past conduct and how to disclose it on my application?


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