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1. Where is the bar exam held?
The exam site varies based on availability. Check the Board’s website for the upcoming exam location.
2. What can I bring into the exam?
3. Are there metal detectors or other security measures at the exam site?
Yes. Security measures are in place for the safety of examinees and staff. A police officer, an emergency medical technician, and metal detectors will be present in or near the exam room.
4. Can I bring over-the-counter or prescription medications?
Yes.  Please remove the medication from the bottle or blister pack and place it in a clear plastic bag to allow you to take the medication during the examination without distracting other examinees. If you are not able to bring the medication into the exam unwrapped in a clear plastic bag, you must upload a letter through your Applicant Portal, or call the office for additional instructions. Please do this as soon as possible.
5. Can I bring bottled water? Will bottled water be provided?
You may bring in your own see-through, reusable water bottle. You will find examples of acceptable water bottles here. Since you will be permitted to bring in your own water bottle, bottled water will not be provided. A water bottle filler station and/or a water fountain will be available near the restrooms. If you choose not to bring your own water bottle, a water station and disposable cups will be available inside the exam room. (The disposable cups cannot be brought back to your seat).
6. I have a medical condition which requires me to consume water and snacks throughout the day. Will I be allowed to do so?
If you need to bring an item that is not on the permitted items list, you must upload a request through your Applicant Portal seeking special authorization. You may be required to submit a physician’s statement. Make your request as soon as possible. The Board will respond via your Applicant Portal.
7. What is the timing of the bar exam?
The general timing of the exam is:

Tuesday morning – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon – 2 MPT questions
Tuesday afternoon – 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. – 6 MEE questions
Wednesday morning – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon – 100 MBE questions
Wednesday afternoon – 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. – 100 MBE questions

The doors to the exam room open at 7:30 both mornings and 1:00 both afternoons. Instructions typically begin at 8:40 and 1:15 both days. You must be in your seat by these times.  You may leave the exam site between the morning and the afternoon session.

8. When is the lunch break? Is there refrigeration available if I bring my lunch?
The lunch break is approximately 1 hour between noon and 1:00 p.m.  You may leave the exam site over the lunch period.  Refrigeration is not available.
9. Is there a time when I cannot leave the exam room?
Yes. Examinees may not leave the exam room during instructions or during the last 15 minutes of each session. If you finish the exam prior to that, you may turn in your exam and leave the exam room.
10. If I can't bring items into the exam room, where do I leave them? Can I return to my vehicle over the lunch hour?
There are tables where you can leave any personal items while you are in the testing room. This location is NOT secure. The Board of Law Examiners assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged belongings.  You may leave the examination site over the lunch period.
11. Can I have a cell phone in my pocket if it is turned off?
No. You may not have a cell phone or any electronic device in the exam room.
12. Are there restrooms and water fountains available during the exam?
Yes. You may take a restroom break or get a drink of water. Water fountains are available in the testing area. You may not leave your test materials unattended on your desk. Take your test materials to the head proctor for your area and leave them there while you are away from your seat. Take your test materials from the head proctor table when you go back to your seat.
13. What are the test tables and chairs like?
The tables are 8 feet long and 18” deep. Two people are seated at each table. Most tables have a plastic top and you will be given a plastic sheet to put your test material on for a smooth writing surface. The chairs have some padding on the seat.  NOTE: For the July 2022 examination, there will be only one person per table.
14. Is scratch paper allowed during any part of the bar exam?
No. Scratch paper is not allowed. You may write in the question booklets.
15. Are the laptop examinees and those hand writing the exam in the same room?
16. Do I need any of the passwords that I received when I downloaded the laptop software?
No. You will be given new passwords at the exam.
17. What if my laptop stops working during the test?
Raise the orange flag that you will be given. A proctor will give you a book so you can hand write your answer. If a laptop technician can get your laptop working, you can type your answer on your laptop. Make sure that a proctor takes the handwritten part of your answer at the end of the session. Your written answer will be inserted with your laptop answer.
18. I lost my driver’s license and only have the paper receipt issued by the Department of Transportation. What do I do for registration?
You must bring a picture ID along with the paper receipt. You may also use a passport or other government-issued picture ID for identification.
19. What if the address on my admission ticket no longer matches my driver’s license?
As long as you have a valid photo ID, we will accept a different address. If your address has changed, remember that you have a continuing obligation to notify the Board office of your current address. The change of address form can be found here and may be uploaded through your Applicant Portal.
20. Is there a dress code for the bar exam?
No, but we suggest that you dress in layers. The temperature of the exam room can vary. Some articles of clothing are not allowed. See the prohibited and allowed items list for more information. This list is updated for each exam, so check back before the exam for which you are scheduled.
21.I have already taken and passed the Minnesota bar exam. Can I sit for the Minnesota exam again so I'll have a UBE score to transfer to another state?
A Minnesota lawyer can apply for and take the Minnesota bar exam again if your purpose is to obtain a transferable UBE score. The fee is $600 and you will be required to complete an application and provide some, but not all, application documentation.  Contact the Board office for additional information.
22. Can my laptop have a protective cover? Do I need to remove stickers from my laptop?
Laptops should be removed from protective cases.  Permanent stickers do not need to be removed unless they contain legal principles or are otherwise inappropriate.
23. Can I bring my own earplugs, pens, and pencils into the exam room?
No, however, these items will be provided to each examinee. Please see the prohibited and allowed items list.

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