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1. How much does the bar application cost?
See Rule 12 for a schedule of fees or view this chart. Examinees who want to use a laptop for the exam pay an additional $100 laptop fee. For more questions about fees, visit the Fees Questions page.
2. Does the Board office accept personal checks?
3. Does the Board office accept credit cards?
4. I sat for the exam previously. Do I need to provide a new application?
Yes. All repeat applicants must provide a:

  • New application
  • New username on the Applicant Portal
  • New photo ID card
  • New driving record

You do not need to provide new notarized Affidavits of Good Character if they were submitted within the past two years of your new application.

5. Can my law school send the Board office my conferral of degree before I have applied?
Yes, your law school can send it before you apply.
6. Does my application need to be typed?
Yes. If you hand write your application, it will be returned to you.
7. Do externships or clinics need to go on the Employment section of the application?
Yes, you should list any sort of work (paid or unpaid) in the employment section of the application.
8. What if I don’t remember my exact dates of employment for a job?
Estimate as best you can. The month and year is enough.
9. What if my old supervisor isn’t there anymore? Or if the office no longer exists or I don’t remember the address?
Include as much information as you can, and note if you are unable to give complete and the reason. Please do your best to locate the address, including the zip code, as this will prevent delays in the application process.
10. What if I need more space for my employment history?
Use the Other Employment form. Be sure to include additional forms with your application and write your name on each page.
11. What if I don’t remember my exact dates of residence?
Estimate as best you can. The month and year is enough.
12. What if I need more space for my residence history?
You can use the Other Residence History form. Be sure to include additional forms with your application and write your name on each page.
13. Do I need to list a temporary address (for example, stayed with friends for a few months)?
14. How should I write residence history if I lived at home each summer between school years?
List your home address once and note the entire time frame. For example, 2005-2014. Then list your school address and the dates of residency. Do not list the home address multiple times unless you moved out for more than the school year.
15. I know I had speeding tickets (or other moving violations), but I cannot find any records of them. Do I need to disclose them?
Yes, you must disclose them. If you cannot find some records, fill out a General Information Form and put as much information as you know about the incidents (estimated date, details of incident, disposition, etc.). Also note that you cannot to locate the records.
16. If my records were expunged, do I still need to put those on my application?
Yes. You must disclose expunged records. If you no longer have documentation (case number, disposition, etc.), just put in the explanation area that it was expunged.
17. I received a continuance for dismissal. My lawyer told me that I would never need to disclose the charges and that the matter would be like it never existed. Do I need to disclose?
Yes. You must disclose if you were charged. You must disclose if the charges were dismissed, or if you received a continuance for dismissal and the charges went away after a year. You must disclose all.
18. What if I want to file by the deadline but I’m still waiting on a copy of a police report or court record?
Send in the application before the deadline and include the correct Supplemental Form in response to each and every question you answered “yes.” You may upload or mail police, court and other third party records to the Board office after filing your application. Note on the supplemental form that you have requested the documents and that you will upload when you receive them.
19. When do I need to send in my certified driving record?
This must be sent in with your application.
20. What are the requirements for the 2 affidavits I need to submit?
The affidavits must be notarized and from someone who meets these requirements:

  • Not related to you by blood or marriage, or living at the same residence
  • Has known you at least 1 year
  • Not a fellow law student during your enrollment (if you know a law student from another school, it is okay to use them)
  • Not listed as one of your references (we may be contacting your references, so we want the name of another person who supports your admission)

The statement in the affidavit must meet these requirements:

  • Describe how long and the circumstances under which the person signing the affidavit has known you
  • Describe what the person signing the affidavit knows about your character and general reputation
  • Provide any other information about your character and fitness to practice law

See Rule 4B(4) for complete language or see a sample affidavit.

21. Do my affidavits need to be completed by another lawyer?
22. Can one of my law professors complete an affidavit?
23. Is there a specific format the affidavit needs to be in?
No, though typically they are in letter format. See a sample affidavit.
24. Do the affidavits need to be sent in with my application, or can the person who filled it out send it to the Board office directly?
Affidavits must be sent in with your application. Have the person who completed the affidavit send it to you, and you can then send it with your application.
25. If a judge is completing one of my affidavits, can he/she notarize it?
A judge may either have the affidavit notarized, or another judge may attest to the judge’s signature. See Minn. Stat. 358.43(a)(2).
26. What if I’m admitted in another jurisdiction, but I don’t have any attorney references?
Complete Section 9.00 for each jurisdiction where you have practiced law. If you are admitted in another jurisdiction but have never practiced, you may request a waiver of Section 9.00 by including your request in a cover letter with your application.
27. How do I report changes to my application once I have sent it in?
Any change or addition to your application must be made in writing and sent in via your Applicant Portal or by mail or fax.
28. What if my application is not complete when submitted?
Your application may be returned if you do not have the:

  • Registration Form
  • Application
  • Fee
  • Photo and signed photo ID card
  • 2 affidavits

If you are missing something or additional information is required, a request will be posted to your Applicant Portal.

29. I’ve left a voice mail for my processor but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?
Each application processor is helping many applicants. The quickest way to get a response is to post a question on your portal. Your processor should respond within 24 hours.
30. Is there anything I can do to speed the application up once it’s submitted?
Contact your references and recent employers listed in your application and let them know that they may receive a character questionnaire from our office in the mail. Non-responsive references often delay the application process.
31. Can I get a copy of my application and the application attachments that I sent in?
Yes.  You may request a copy of your application and the attachments you filed or uploaded during the course of the application process if you applied within the last 10 years.  You must send a written request, along with a $30.00 check or money order.  Your request must include your name as it appears on the application and the address where you would like for us to send the application (personal, business, or another jurisdiction).
32. When are testing accommodations requests due and how do I apply?
Requests for testing accommodations are due at the same time as your application. Read through the Instructions for Requesting Test Accommodations portion of the website for details.



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