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1. How much does the bar application cost?
2. Does the Board office accept personal checks?
3. Does the Board office accept credit cards?
4. I sat for the exam previously. Do I need to provide a new application?
5. Can my law school send the Board office my conferral of degree before I have applied?
6. Does my application need to be typed?
7. Do externships or clinics need to go on the Employment section of the application?
8. What if I don’t remember my exact dates of employment for a job?
9. What if my old supervisor isn’t there anymore? Or if the office no longer exists or I don’t remember the address?
10. What if I need more space for my employment history?
11. What if I don’t remember my exact dates of residence?
12. What if I need more space for my residence history?
13. Do I need to list a temporary address (for example, stayed with friends for a few months)?
14. How should I write residence history if I lived at home each summer between school years?
15. I know I had speeding tickets (or other moving violations), but I cannot find any records of them. Do I need to disclose them?
16. If my records were expunged, do I still need to put those on my application?
17. I received a continuance for dismissal. My lawyer told me that I would never need to disclose the charges and that the matter would be like it never existed. Do I need to disclose?
18. What if I want to file by the deadline but I’m still waiting on a copy of a police report or court record?
19. When do I need to send in my certified driving record?
20. What are the requirements for the 2 affidavits I need to submit?
21. Do my affidavits need to be completed by another lawyer?
22. Can one of my law professors complete an affidavit?
23. Is there a specific format the affidavit needs to be in?
24. Do the affidavits need to be sent in with my application, or can the person who filled it out send it to the Board office directly?
25. If a judge is completing one of my affidavits, can he/she notarize it?
26. What if I’m admitted in another jurisdiction, but I don’t have any attorney references?
27. How do I report changes to my application once I have sent it in?
28. What if my application is not complete when submitted?
29. I’ve left a voice mail for my processor but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?
30. Is there anything I can do to speed the application up once it’s submitted?
31. Can I get a copy of my application and the application attachments that I sent in?


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