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Applicant Portal

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1. What is an Applicant Portal?
2. How do I sign up for an Applicant Portal?
3. What if I type my name differently on the Registration form from how I typed it on the Application Form?
4. What if I notice that I’ve made a mistake on the registration form but I have already finalized the form and printed it to submit with my application?
5. If I register more than once, may I use the same user name and password?
6. Do I need to send my Registration form to the Board office?
7. When will I begin receiving notices on my Applicant Portal?
8. How do I sign into my Applicant Portal?
9. What if I forgot my user name?
10. What if I forgot my password?
11. How will I know that I have information from the Board office in my Applicant Portal?
12. What if I don’t receive an email notification that something is on my Applicant Portal?
13. Once I sign into my Applicant Portal, how will I know what I need to do?
14. How do I communicate with the Board office?
15. How do I upload a document to my Applicant Portal?
16. What if the document I want to upload is not part of a “To Do” item listed on my Applicant Portal?
17. Is it possible to start a conversation with the Board office if there is not a “To Do” item?
18. What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded via the Applicant Portal?
19. When I upload a document, does the document name have a character limit?
20. What types of files can be uploaded to the Applicant Portal?
21. Can I still take the Bar Exam if I have outstanding or incomplete tasks on my Applicant Portal?
22. If I applied for the bar exam and was unsuccessful, withdrew my application, etc. can I use the same Applicant Portal if I apply for a different exam?
23. How long will my Applicant Portal remain active?


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