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1. What is an Applicant Portal?
An Applicant Portal, sometimes referred to as the Portal, is a secure site that allows applicants for admission to the Minnesota bar to share information with the Board office. The Board posts requests to an applicant on the Portal and the applicant can respond and upload documents.
2. How do I sign up for an Applicant Portal?
Go to the Applicant Portal Link at and click on “Register” under New Registration. Complete the “Application Sign Up” form and follow the instructions. You must print out the registration form and send this in with your application, fee, and other documents.
3. What if I type my name differently on the Registration form from how I typed it on the Application Form?
Please make sure that you type your name the EXACT same way on both forms. If you typed it differently on one of the forms, advise the Board office and indicate which is accurate.
4. What if I notice that I’ve made a mistake on the registration form but I have already finalized the form and printed it to submit with my application?
Once you have exited the registration form, you cannot make any changes. If you want to make a change to the form that you have already completed, you must complete a new registration form by going to and going to the “New Registration.” You will need a new user name and password when you register again.

If you have already mailed the registration form and application to the Board office, then you must send a letter to the Board office or wait until your Applicant Portal is activated and upload a letter with the changes.

5. If I register more than once, may I use the same user name and password?
You can only use a user name one time. You can, however, use the same password multiple times.
6. Do I need to send my Registration form to the Board office?
Yes. You must print out and send your completed Registration form, which has a bar code on the upper right corner of the page, to the Board office along with your completed application, your application fee, and any other documents required by the application. The Board cannot accept your application without the Registration form. If you do not submit it, your application will be returned to you.
7. When will I begin receiving notices on my Applicant Portal?
Your Applicant Portal will be opened once the Board of Law Examiners’ staff acknowledges your application, Registration form, and application fee. Please check the Portal frequently.
8. How do I sign into my Applicant Portal?
Go to and sign in as a “Returning User.” You must have the user name and password that you created when you registered.
9. What if I forgot my user name?
If you kept a copy of your Registration form, your user name is located on the top half of the page, at the bottom of the 2nd column. Or you can call the Board office to obtain your user name.
10. What if I forgot my password?
Go to Under “Returning User” click on “Reset Password” located under the “Log In” button. An email will be sent to the email address that is on file with the Board office. If you do not see an email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder. If you have a new email address, please inform the Board office.
11. How will I know that I have information from the Board office in my Applicant Portal?
The system will send an automated email on the day a new item is posted. Only one email is sent per day, no matter how many new items have been posted. For example, if you have five new items on your Applicant Portal in one day, you will only receive one notification email. You will also see a “New” beside any new items.

Even if you don’t receive any email notifications from our office, you should be sure to check your portal at least once a week.

12. What if I don’t receive an email notification that something is on my Applicant Portal?
Make sure the email address that you provided to the Board office is still correct. Also make sure to add the following e-mail address to your contact list or spam filter whitelist: It is your responsibility to check the Applicant Portal on a regular basis and provide timely responses, even if you do not receive an email notification.
13. Once I sign into my Applicant Portal, how will I know what I need to do?
Most information will be found under the Applicant “To Do” List or the Board Office Correspondence section of your Applicant Portal. Click on the item to see the request. Letters and information will be found under the Board Office Correspondence Section. Items that you have not seen will be marked “New.”
14. How do I communicate with the Board office?
When you double click on the “To Do” item, it will open up a window with the request at the top of the page. If you want to respond, type your response in the “Response” field at the bottom of the page and click “Post Response.” You must also check the box that states, “I swear or affirm that this supplement to may application is true and correct.” You can also attach a document at the same time you respond.
15. How do I upload a document to my Applicant Portal?
If the item was requested via your Applicant Portal, open that request and follow the instructions to upload the document. Read the paragraph carefully, as some items are not accepted in electronic format and must be mailed to the Board office. You must also check the box that states, “I swear or affirm that this supplement to may application is true and correct.”
16. What if the document I want to upload is not part of a “To Do” item listed on my Applicant Portal?
See the section on the bottom right of the portal that states, “If you have a document to submit to the Board which is NOT RELATED to an item in your To Do list, use this upload feature.” Click “Upload” to get to a new screen where you can browse and upload your document.
17. Is it possible to start a conversation with the Board office if there is not a “To Do” item?
Not at this time. You can type in a document and upload it, or you can use one of the forms found at on the Board’s website.
18. What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded via the Applicant Portal?
4 MB.
19. When I upload a document, does the document name have a character limit?
Yes. Document names can be no longer than 150 characters.
20. What types of files can be uploaded to the Applicant Portal?
The files that can be uploaded to the Applicant Portal are: .doc, .docx, .jpg, .pdf, or .tif.
21. Can I still take the Bar Exam if I have outstanding or incomplete tasks on my Applicant Portal?
Yes. As long as we have received your conferral of degree by the deadline and the Board has an acceptable photo and signed photo ID card, you may sit for the exam. However, if you pass the exam, outstanding or incomplete tasks may delay your admission to the bar.
22. If I applied for the bar exam and was unsuccessful, withdrew my application, etc. can I use the same Applicant Portal if I apply for a different exam?
No. You must register for a new Applicant Portal when you reapply.
23. How long will my Applicant Portal remain active?
If you were unsuccessful on the bar exam, your Applicant Portal will be deactivated 10 days after you receive your results letter. If you wish to reapply, you will need register for a new Applicant Portal at that time. If you were successful on the bar exam, your Applicant Portal will remain open until you are admitted or your application is closed.


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