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Admission on Motion

These questions are for those applying on motion (Rule 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11).

Please refer to the State of Minnesota Rules for Admission to the Bar for complete information, or From Diploma to License for more detailed instructions.

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1. How much does the application cost?
2. Can I pay with cash?
3. Do you accept personal checks?
4. Do you accept credit cards?
5. Is there a deadline for my application by motion?
6. What is the educational requirement an attorney admitted in another state or jurisdiction who applies for admission on motion in Minnesota?
7. Can I be admitted in Minnesota with an LLM degree?
8. I am an attorney from another state or jurisdiction. How can I be admitted to the Minnesota bar without taking the exam?
9. If I am eligible to apply by MBE score or UBE score, which should I choose?
10. How can I transfer my MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) score to Minnesota?
11. How can I transfer my UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) score to Minnesota?
12. How do I transfer my MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) score to Minnesota or to another state or jurisdiction?
13. What MPRE score is required by Minnesota?
14. What if I want to apply in Minnesota on the basis of my MBE or UBE score, but the jurisdiction where I took the bar exam won’t issue their bar results until after the Minnesota examination filing deadlines?
15. I didn’t receive a successful UBE score in another jurisdiction, but it is a passing score for Minnesota. Can I still apply to motion in Minnesota with my UBE score, even though I was not admitted and my exam score was unsuccessful in that jurisdiction?
16. If I was admitted in another jurisdiction without taking the MPRE, can I be admitted in Minnesota without taking the MPRE?
17. Does the MPRE expire?
18. How long does it take to process an application?
19. Once I am recommended for admission, can I attend an admission ceremony?
20. How can I order a replacement wall certificate if I lost or damaged my original?
21. Can I receive a certified copy of my application or a copy of the application and the application attachments?
22. How can I obtain a document from another jurisdiction showing the date of admission, a document stating good standing, or a document stating that no charges are pending?
23. How can I find out about admission requirements in other states?
24. How can I get a Minnesota “Evidence of Admission by Bar Examination” letter if I am applying to another jurisdiction?
25. After I've been admitted, who do I contact if I have an address or name change?
26. How do I get admitted in the Federal Court in Minnesota?
27. I applied for an in-house counsel license. Can I transfer my in-house application to a Rule 7A, Admission by Years of Practice license?
28. How will I know without applying if I qualify to apply under Rule 7A?
29. I want to transfer my MPRE score to another jurisdiction, but the NCBE no longer has a record of it. Can Minnesota provide the score?


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