Character and Fitness Requirements

To be licensed to practice law in Minnesota, an applicant to the bar must be a person of good character and fitness. The Board will make a finding of good character and fitness before an applicant is licensed.

The Board offers the following resources related to its character and fitness process:

1. “Character and Fitness for Admission to the Bar” – a printable guide outlining the good character and fitness standard

2. “Character and Fitness Frequently Asked Questions” – an online version of the guide

3. “Character and Fitness Interview Process” — a guide outlining the character and fitness interview process (printable version).

4. “Conditional Admission Process” — a guide outlining the conditional admission process (printable version).

5. For additional character and fitness questions not answered by the above resources, you may call the Board office and speak anonymously to the Attorney for the Character and Fitness or the Director about character and fitness issues. They will advise you regarding how the Board has handled similar issues in the past. A final determination will not be made until you apply.

Character and Fitness Related Resources

Minnesota Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers
Minnesota Department of Commerce Credit Counseling Services

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