Years of Practice (Rule 7A)

Under Rule 7A, a lawyer licensed in another state or jurisdiction may apply for admission to Minnesota without taking the bar exam.


You must meet the following minimum requirements to apply under Rule 7A:

  • Held a law license in active status from another US state or jurisdiction
  • Provide evidence of having engaged in the lawful practice of law for at least 1000 hours per year in at least 36 of the 60 months immediately preceding the application
  • Have a JD degree from ABA-approved law school, or if a practicing attorney, qualify under the non-ABA degree rule
  • Provide required documents from each jurisdiction where you are licensed to practice law, as required by Rule 4D
  • Be in good standing in each jurisdiction where you are licensed
  • Receive a good character and fitness recommendation from the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners
  • Receive an MPRE scaled score of 85 or higher or submit the score at a later date as per Rule 4E
  • Meet all other Rule 4 General Requirements for Admission.

See Rule 7A and the Policy Statement on Admission without Examination, Eligibility by Practice (Rule 7A) for additional guidance.


To apply you must:

1. Register using the online Minnesota Bar Application Registration form, and

2. Complete and send in a signed Minnesota Bar Application along with proper fees and any supplemental information required by the application.

Click here to begin the application process.

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