Monthly Admission Ceremonies

Monthly admission ceremonies are held at the Minnesota Supreme Court. The Lawyer Registration Office administers the monthly ceremonies. One of the Justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court presides.

You may attend a monthly ceremony if:

1. You have been notified by the Board of Law Examiners that you have been recommended for admission to the Bar of Minnesota, and

2. You have received notice from the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners stating that you are eligible to attend one of the monthly ceremonies.

Note: Successful bar examinees who have been recommended for admission MAY NOT attend a monthly ceremony unless they did not attend the semi-annual admission ceremony immediately following the bar exam for which they were successful. Successful examinees may attend a monthly ceremony or be admitted in absentia AFTER the semi-annual ceremony takes place.

For details on the monthly ceremonies (including dates, new lawyer fees, locations, etc.) visit the Lawyer Registration Office website.